Survey FAQ


Q. I responded to a survey invitation, but the survey was full or I did not qualify! Why?

A. Survey invitations are very popular amongst our members. Some surveys will have set quotas for responses and in most cases, they will also specify a closing date for responses. From time to time, we may have survey response quotas filled out before the closing date. The people who respond quickest have the best chance to accumulate the maximum amount of rewards allocated to that survey, so it pays to be vigilant of your Empowered Surveys emails.


Q. I responded to a survey and got redirected to a different survey! Why?

A. Some of our survey invitations have an automated redirect option when you don't qualify or have been dismissed from the survey due to various reasons. We want to make survey you have as many opportunities to accumulate points as possible, thus if you don't qualify and/or get screened out, you can have another opportunity to get points from a different survey.


Q. I finished the survey but I got a screen out message or it says I am not qualified. Why?

A. There are two possible reasons for this.

  • As many panelists are actively answering surveys, there may be times where the current survey you were answering to has reached the target number of responses it is looking for while you were in the middle of the survey.
  • As part of data integrity check, there are security measures placed within the survey to monitor any inconsistencies with your responses, or any fraud activities that were done in the middle of the survey. As an action, all responses that were monitored fraud will not be accepted and rewarded.


Q. How do I get invited for to answer a survey?

A. There will be two ways you will be notified is a survey fits your profile.

  • You may receive a survey invitation on your registered Empowered Surveys email address.
  • You may login at the Empowered Surveys website and go to the "Available Surveys" tab and it will list down all of the surveys available for you to answer.


Q. How much do I get for answering surveys?

A. Incentives are varied and depends on the type and length of survey that you answered. There is also a compensation point awarded in case you didn't qualify in the survey for any reason.


Q. What will you do with the information and opinions I volunteer for the surveys?

A. Your information and responses to surveys are compiled along with other Panel Members who have responded. This information is distributed to researchers in aggregate. In result, your individual responses are presented and analyzed anonymously. Empowered Surveys does not sell or reveal your contact details to third parties. For further information, please read our privacy policy.


Q. It has taken me longer to complete a survey than what is advised on the invitation. Why is that? 

A. The length of time to complete a survey is added to the invitation as a guide. It can take longer or shorter to complete a survey depending on the answers you supply. If you have any queries about how long it has taken to complete a survey, please contact member support via the contact us or shoot through a discussion on our forum.

There are also possibilities where the original survey presented to you has already been closed / reached the target number of responses. Our system will automatically redirect you to an available survey which may match your profile and the survey requirements.


Q. What happens if I don't respond to a survey invitation?

A. If you don't respond to our survey invitations, you will not earn any rewards. Please be wary of closing dates advertised on some of our email communications. If you choose to respond after the date indicated, then you may not be eligible to collect the reward points related to a particular email.