Q. How can I join Empowered Surveys?

A. You must be an Australian resident and above the age of 17. Joining is absolutely FREE! All you have to do is provide your opinion on a range of topics, and you will be rewarded for your time


Q. Can I hold more than one member account?

A. Unfortunately, not. We only allow one account per member to maintain the integrity of the data we collect and anyone who provides false information may have their privileges and rewards revoked as per our terms of service. All accounts that will be identified as fraud and/or multiple accounts under a single member will be terminated immediately including the points collected in it.  


Q. I've forgotten my username/password! What should I do?

A. Don't worry! Visit our forgotten password page to reset your password. You'll need your registered email address. If you don't know your registered email address, contact our support team for assistance.


Q. Can I change my password?

A. Simply hit the forget password and you will receive a link to reset/change your password.


Q. I want to update / change my email address. How?

A. You may send us an email through our support team. You will then receive a confirmation email from our team that your email address has been updated. As some surveys were already launched for delivery prior your email change request, you may still receive few survey invites to the original email address registered within 48 hours from the email address change. You may ignore these invites.


Q. How do I unsubscribe/resign from the Empowered Surveys online community?

A. You can unsubscribe from Empowered Surveys via the Account section of the website. Additionally, at the bottom of each email we send to you there is a link to unsubscribe from the service. Please note it can take up to 72 hours for the change to take effect and when you unsubscribe, your account remains in a grace status for a period of 14 days, during which you can reactivate your account if you change your mind. Once this grace period has expired, your account is permanently terminated, and any reward points you have earned will be forfeited.


Q. I suddenly stopped receiving survey invites. Why?

A. There are possible reasons for this. You may reach out to our support team and we will help check it out for you.

As part of our quality measures, our system tags spam email address or those with monitored abnormal activities. There may be times where our system may tag an email address wrongly.

Your account has been flagged to have suspicious survey activities such as speeding, inconsistent responses, referral of dummy email addresses, and other forms of illegal activities. To protect the integrity of the surveys we host, all accounts that will be flagged are automatically terminated.


Q. What will you do with the information I provide you during the registration process?

A. We only wish to send you information that will be relevant to your lifestyle and preferences at any given time. The information you provide us is one way of ensuring we can do this effectively. To improve the relevancy of information, you may consider editing your profile to ensure it reflects your current situation.