Q. What kind of emails will I receive?

A. You will receive invitations to some surveys where you can earn some amazing rewards. Time to time, we'll also send you a newsletter with what's happening on our community...stay tuned! Also, there are regular fun activities sent via email which you can participate in to earn extra points.

Q. How often should I expect emails from Empowered Surveys?

A. We believe you should only receive emails that will be of relevance to you. Your email frequency will, therefore, depend on many factors including, but not limited to your location, gender, age and the requirements of our survey partners. Depending on these factors, you can expect to receive up to 10 survey invitations per day.

*You can also limit the number of surveys you receive per day, just go to your profile and edit the number of surveys you intend to receive per day.

Q. How can I identify Empowered Surveys survey invitations?

A. All of our emails will be sent out from our email address '' and’. Please make sure to add it as a safe sender, so that you don't miss out!

Q. Do I need any special software to participate in surveys/email promotions?

A. For the majority of cases, all you will need is an internet connection, a working email address and a reliable web browser to read our surveys and email promotions.

*From time to time, you may also receive special surveys or promotions such as movie trailers or a sneak peek of a TV or radio commercial so a working sound card and appropriate software may be required. This might include web browser plugins and/or software for rich media, video, audio, flash animation and portable document files (PDFs). Programs such as Macromedia Flash Player, Apple Quicktime, Microsoft Media Player, Real Player, and Acrobat Reader are readily available for free online.