Woolies’ “Everyday Rewards” is the most popular program amongst loyalty program members


Empowered Surveys recently conducted a survey where the opinions of our panel members greatly helped us in deriving a series of interesting insights. Having spoken to the Aussie population, we found out that

  • Close to 4 in 5 participants are members of a loyalty program.
  • The Woolies “Everyday Rewards” loyalty program is the most popular amongst loyalty program members, with Flybuys being the second most popular. 
  • When participants think about a loyalty program, the top factor they look for is access to special discounts that are not available to non members.
  • The top reason why participants feel that their most preferred loyalty program is the most rewarding, is because they shop / spend there frequently.


Other top reasons why participants feel as though their most preferred loyalty is the most rewarding 
Source: Empowered Surveys research


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