How To Earn More Points and Maximise Your Earning Potential

Empowered Surveys rewards those members with greater returns for providing more details about themselves. Detailed member surveys can be accessed on the login page. Aside from demographics or basic information gathered from the sign-up form, some surveys only require panelists with specific requirements or information. Hence, only people who have provided additional information will be able to receive these survey invites. As these surveys are specialized, most of these offer higher incentives or rewards. By providing additional information, the panel member has a higher chance of receiving more surveys and /or surveys with higher rewards.

Aside from answering surveys, members can also earn rewards by referring new members to join the Empowered Surveys panel. Each successful referral is worth 100 points or $1. A member can refer a maximum of 5 members a month (equating to $5 from referrals per month). 

As part of our integrity and quality control measures, Empowered Surveys regularly audits our database of panel members to ensure no fraud related accounts are registered. If a member is caught providing any false information, the account will be subject to termination and removal from the Empowered Surveys community.

Empowered Surveys also hosts activities to give our members more chances of earning rewards. Some of the previous activities are Easter Egg Hunt, Word searches, Occasion-themed crossword games, Poem-making, and many more. With this, members are encouraged to follow Empowered Surveys Facebook page for updates and notifications every time Empowered Surveys makes announcements.

How It Works

1 Sign up as a member

To take part, you must be an Australian resident, over 16 years of age and have a valid e-mail address.

2 Participate in online surveys

Check your inbox for survey invitations and provide honest answers on a range of topics.

3 Redeem your points

You may exchange your points for Prezzee swap gift cards or opt to donate to a charity.